How to Play America’s Fastest Growing Sport

Net & Racket Gym Class — Period 3

💭 Why should you play pickleball?

Pickleball is a raquet sport with exciting gameplay and a quick learning curve that appeals to players all over the world. Invented by an American family in 1965, it uses elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis for a unique game experience.

💡 The Court

Pickleball can be played by two players or four players on a badminton-style court with a low net. The court is divided into two areas: the service areas which are 15-feet long and a 7-foot long non-volley zone called the kitchen.

Improving Mobility for the Elderly Using Artificial Intelligence

We take many of our daily privileges for granted.

Food on our tables, roof over our heads, water to drink, family to spend time with, and so on.

But what if your own body failed you?

What if those two legs of yours refused to hold you up? To take you from place A to B? What if they were your barriers opposed to anything external? They refused to let you go to the bathroom, take a shower, go for a walk without support. Your own body trapping your own self.

Mobility is a privilege.

A privilege that 1 in 5 seniors (and that’s…

Startup Advice from My Conversation with Ahmed Elsamadisi

I recently had the opportunity to virtually meet Ahmed Elsamadisi, the founder and CEO of, where he dropped some serious knowledge on entrepreneurship and the right mindsets to succeed. I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer all of my questions, and share your wisdom from years in the startup industry. Thank you, Ahmed! 😊

I learned a lot from this unconventional wisdom, so here are my key takeaways from this experience!

Check out Ahmed’s work:

Welcome to the first edition of Innovation Corner! This edition focuses on innovations during the COVID-19 pandemic, and explains big concepts in science and technology in laymen’s terms.

The Search for a COVID-19 Vaccine

In the midst of a global pandemic and widespread lockdown, many of us are yearning to leave our homes and return to the interconnected lives that we were accustomed to. However, returning to a sense of normalcy is dependent on the development of a vaccine for COVID-19. …

Neha Shukla

16-year old student and innovator @TKS leveraging science and emerging technologies as a catalyst for social change. Website

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